Wedding Videographer Italy

Wedding videography have brought me to many places, including Italy. Being destination videographer, I often have to travel to European countries to film weddings. There is no question that Italy is unique with its wedding culture. Combining such an exciting day with outstanding Italian culture is definitely a recipe for a memorable event.

As a wedding videographer I have to pay attention to details during the day. My style of filming is natural, always trying to be in background, unnoticeable. This way I get to capture real emotions during the wedding day. If situation allows, sometimes I do give minimal direction for poses, movements, etc. When editing, I mainly lean on to dynamic, fast paced edits, however I like to break the rhythm with slow paced music during the ceremonies.

Have a look at the beautiful wedding video of Maria and Filippo below which was captured in Italy, Milan. Maria has reached out to me when she decided to hire a wedding videographer in Italy. If you also like the style and would like to have a similar film for your wedding, do not hesitate to contact me to see availability and prices.

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